Welcome to Day 20 of the 2018 Yarnish Makes Advent MCAL! Thank you for joining in with the mystery and excitement as, over the next 5 days we take some time for ourselves during the busy season to create and complete something to use on Christmas day! Today we are starting to use up some of those extra pieces of yarn – Today’s step is optional.

DAY 20:


Scheepjes Catona, 100% cotton 10g / 25 m x 24 balls. – Select one ball from your kit.


Hook size: 4 mm

Gauge: Motif will measure 4 cm at widest point. 1 x 10 g ball will yield 2 motifs.


Today you will be making and joining two motifs as per pattern.

A reminder of the pattern here:

Using up those extra pieces- Making tassels.

To make, you will need your scissors, a piece of card (the length of your desired tassel) a needle and yarn. 

Cut 2 lengths of yarn (20cm approx) and lay one at the top of your card. Begin wrapping yarn around card and cut length. When finished, tie the cut length to secure.

Cut the opposite ends off the card. Wrap other length around top of tassel. Use your needle to weave and hide ends while securing. As your leftovers may have varying thickness, you may wish to bundle together in creative ways. I will be having one ‘triple’ tassel at either end of my table runner.





You will have 40 joined and blocked motifs.


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