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Fruit Cup Fade: Part 6.

Posted by Emma Wilkinson on

Hello Yarnishians! It's Emma popping in with the next section of the Fruit Cup Fade. We're nearly at the end of the Rainbow Challenge, this is part 6 of 7, of the blanket. 

(See this post for more info on the rainbow challenge)

This section uses 'Boysenberry' in Cicibebe sprinkles #595-03. That means, the blanket so far consists of 1 ball each of Raspberry #595-10, Mango #595-11, Banana #595-04 Lime #595-08, and Blueberry #595-02
If you haven't seen the previous sections- here's a quick recap: Each month, I'm adding another section to my corner to corner moss stitch blanket, using 1 ball of Cicibebe Sprinkles! 
In this section we begin decreasing on both sides, but that takes place after the 'fade' 
Pattern Repeat even rows: Ch 3, (sc, ch 1) in each ch-1 sp across, (sc, ch 1 sc) in ch-3 sp, turn.

Pattern Repeat odd rows: Ch 3, (sc, ch 1) in each ch-1 sp across to last ch-1 sp, sc in last ch-1 sp, sl st in ch-3 sp, turn.

(remember: the 1st sc of each row is in the chain space between the increase stitches, OR after the (sl st, sc) make sure you don't miss it.)

Join new yarn by undoing previous stitch by one step, and replace with Boysenberry yarn. Do not cut yarn between colour changes until instructed

Row 220 - 221: Two rows in Boysenberry

Row 222 - 225: Four rows in Blueberry

Row 226 - 227: Two Rows in Boysenberry

Row 228 - 231: Four Rows in Blueberry.

Row 232 on wards, we will now work the same Pattern Repeat for every Row-

Pattern Repeat: Ch 3, (sc, ch 1) in each ch-1 sp across to last ch-1 sp, sc in last ch-1 sp, sl st in ch-3 sp, turn.

Row 232 - 261: 30 rows in Boysenberry. 

AS per usual, fasten off Blueberry and weave in ends. reserve the rest of your Boysenberry yarn for the final section! 

See you next month! 


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  • Hi Vicki, that last colour is Strawberry (#01) and the last section of the pattern is now live

    Emma Wilkinson on
  • Hi Emma, eagerly awaiting the final part!!!! Would you be able to tell me what the final colour is so I can tack it onto me order pleaae? Thanks heaps, Vicki.

    Vicki Woodger on
  • Hi Susan!

    Thank you so much for your comment! The final part will be posted next week ;)


    Renee on
  • This is such a lovely shawl! Thank you for the free pattern. when will the last section be published?

    SUSAN B on
  • Hello !
    Colors are very beautiful ! A good along projet for next summer.. where do you buy the yarn ?

    Anne-Sophie on

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