Hello Yarnies! <3

Today is a very special day. It's Mrs Yarnish's birthday! The biggest ever happy birthday to Nicole! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Before we jump into the WITB highlights, here's a quick rundown of the past week!

Vegan birthday cupcakes for Nicole <3

To celebrate Nicoles birthday, I released a FREE pattern on this blog; little birthday cupcakes. You can find the pattern here

Pink Month is here! 

Purple Month of the #yarnishrainbowchallenge is now over, which means that Pink Month is here! Pink is our final colour and we are going pink mad until the 20th of October. I wrote a special blog post dedicated to the most beautiful pink yarn I could find at Yarnish HQ. You can read all about it here. 

Fruit Cup Fade Part 7 is almost here! 

Pink Month is here which means only one more sleep until Fruit Cup Fade! Stay tuned for its announcement. 

Now let's jump in!

This week is brought to you by the letter 'W'. 'W' is for 'Where do I even begin???' Tonight was crazy! Oh for sure, there was something in the air tonight, and it wasn't Phil Collins... 

Nicole and Shelby were having the best time; giggling, making conversational detours and running waaaaaay overtime. But it was adorable to watch and it was Nicole's birthday (which means they get a free pass!) 

First things first:

Nicole thanked everyone for all her birthday wishes! She said that there was no packing of orders today as it was a full-time job saying thank you to everyone for her birthday messages. Here are kisses from her to you -> xxxxxx

Annnndd..... Nicole was off making holes in her body! So orders were certainly not on the cards today! 

Nicole's present opening ceremony! 

Nicole opened her pressies from the lovely ladies, Katt and Kerrin.

Katt made this gorgeous little sheep! 

And Kerrin gifted Nicole some lovely chocolates. They were wrapped so beautifully too! 

When she visited on Friday, Sue gifted Nicole some flowers which made the whole of HQ smell so beautiful!! 

Nanna Yarnish's Bear <3

How adorable is this gorgeous beary- bear!! He was knitted by Nanna Yarnish, Christine Andison. I saw this big boy in pieces last week! This is amazing, and she is so talented! Christine made him using traditional teddy-bear making techniques. It was sooooo impressive to see how she did it! She even added a little voice box growler!  

The yarn she used is Drover, merino, silk, tweed yarn. Beautiful lambs wool, silk and poly blend.

His scarf and cardi are made from Fair Isle. Similar to the Cicibebe yarn as it makes its own pattern. Super soft wool. 

#yarnishrainbowchallenge The PINK period has begun!

Pink Month will run until the 20th of October.

And the winner of Purple Month is....*drum roll*

Bec Walsh! 

Bec made a stunning Choose Your Path Shawl (Popcorn) made with a Fiona Yarnish & Co Lola. Her prize is a $20 store credit! 

Here's a sneak peek. I will write up a special blog post dedicated to Bec and Purple Month soon. Stay tuned! 


Quiltopia is next week: 4-6 October (where has September gone?)

Rozeta CAL

Regrettably, there has been a supply issue... The orders, which are not Twilight Colour Crafter, will (fingers crossed) arrive on Friday...The Twilight CC might not be arriving for a little while yet. The problem is that there was an over-purchase in this colourway. These are not scheduled to be sent until after the CAL starts. We are hoping and wishing that they will be on their way soon!

So, if you have purchased the Twilight Colour Crafter, and you want to start when the CAL starts, then you might want to change your colour preference. 

New @ Yarnish

KFI Luxury - Indulgence Mini Hand Painted - $60, 100% wool, machine washable. Each pack comes with 4x50g skeins. Comes with a free knitted pattern. Super soft and luxurious! 

Noro Ito - $49, sneaky one was hiding! 200g, 400m worsted weight. 

NEW Bookazine - Tea Room - $26, lots of beautiful knitting and crochet projects! There's headbands, cowls, blankets and so much more! 

Which sent us on a slight detour, Nicole and Shelby spoke about a gorgeous new travel case they may be stocking as special order for Christmas. Stay tuned for more details! 

NEW Afterparty - Bathing Duck - $2.50, made with Organicon cotton, super cute!!! 

Organicon - $6.50, we are still waiting on a few more colours but so many beautiful ones are now in stock! This yarn is so soft! Vegan, 100% organic cotton. With this yarn, Shelby made an adorable Narwhal and an Elephant! 

This lead us to....

Shelby's show and tell! 

Nemo the Narwhal (pattern Nellie the Narwhal by Carolyn Brodie) Nemo is named so because Shelby lost count of her stitches and the result is that he now has one small fin. Super affordable hehehe 

Shelby used a 2.75mm hook for both these projects. 

Humprey the Elephant (pattern Humphrey Goes Flying by Shinygurumi). Shelby made this little elephant a few weeks ago, but then added a really cute teether! 

After doing these projects, she still has a LOT of yarn left! This yarn is super economical. She used 23g (of 50g) of the grey yarn for Humphrey and 33g (of 50g) of the blue yarn for the Narwhal. 

Shelby's Shrug

New pattern coming soon! 'Springtime Shrug'. Shelby was wearing a beautiful shrug made by Nanna Yarnish, Christine, using Papatya Batik 3x554-34. Watch this space! 


Shelby loves them so much - hahaha!

Timber Hearts, Cats, Natural Etched, Natural in mixed sizes - 50c each

The little cat buttons were named after Nicole, Shelby, Emma and me! 

Nicole Destash!

Nicole had some special balls in her secret stash that she decided to sell-off cheap! Grab a bargain! 

Patons Cotton Blend - pre-caked for your convenience - 102g $6

Caron Simply Soft - Black 170g $6

Mary Maxim Prism - 185g $10

Kid Cotton - precaked for your convenience - 199g $12

Jojo Solo - pink & grey sock yarn 150g $30

McLana Sock Wool - 6 thread 150g $30

Lola Ornamental Fish - 4 thread 750g $140 <- the mother of all fish!!!

Lonely Singles <3 One skein wonders! 

Hot tip! If you need ideas for projects, go to Ravelry, click 'advanced search', pop in how much yarn you have and it will suggest patterns for you! 

Stargazer Brushed Baby Llama!!! - $24, nylon and baby llama blend. Weight 4, aran worsted weight. 260m. Humanly grown wool!

Patagonia Organic Merino $16

Santa Cruz Organic Merino $16

Mirasol Qulla - Merino & Silk $28

QLD Collection Walkabout - Organic Shetland Wool $8

Noro Kotori $28

Don't forget! 

We still have some amazing balls of yarn in our sale! Check it all out here

When things go from giggles to delirium!! 

Introducing our new game 'boinking bees!' By this stage of the night, Nicole and Shelby were overtired a high on life! 

Tegan made these adorable little bees which provided these two hours of entertainment! 

Then Flynn popped in to say 'hi!'

And that's it!

Happy shopping! Remember, run don't walk!! ;) 




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