Hello Yarnies! <3

Today is a bit unusual for me! My WITB routine is a little out of whack (but in so many positive ways!) Rather than sitting in my PJs, sipping my glass of wine, watching the WITB live stream in my living room....I'm sitting in my PJs, sipping my glass of wine, watching the WITB live stream in my in-laws' living room (which just so happens to be in the beautiful coastal town of Bateman's Bay!) I have relatives over from England and we are treating them to a Coastal Tour of NSW. So, in short, Bubby and I have packed up and gone away for a few days!

Here we are in Berry, travelling way down South! We got as far as Bermagui! 

But no matter how far I travel, there was no way in the world I could miss tonight's WITB special! 

Before we get into it, here is a quick recap of the week! 

Happy Birthday Yarnish!

Yarnish turned 3!!! Nicole's words "no longer in the 'terrible twos'" ≧◡≦ Oh my goodness, what an amazing milestone for Nicole and Shelby! You can read my blog post about it here. Congratulations again, ladies! It is an awesome achievement <3

BotaniCAL time!

Our beautiful BotaniCAL commenced! The 1st of September brought the most amazing feeling of renewal and growth <3 Spring has sprung and so has our 3rd birthday CAL. You can read all about it in my original blog post here

Kits are still available to purchase here and the pattern is here

We have had some very speedy crocheters who finished the first part already! Stay tuned for weekly BotaniCAL updates!

Nicole treated us by releasing Part One on Saturday Night - someone didn't want to get of bed Sunday morning (and who could blame her! hehe) Part Two will be released this Sunday. 

It's your second-last chance to enter our #yarnishrainbowchallenge

Purple Month is in full swing! Already, we are seeing some really beautiful entries to our second last #yarnishrainbowchallenge month! Last week I explored Yarnish HQ and found some beautiful purple yarns to help inspire the purple-y creator within. You can find them here and the T&Cs here. 

Packing, packing, packing....

Yarnish HQ is getting ready for the Tamworth CraftAlive show! The show will run from the 6th, 7th and 8th of September. We will also have our After Party, Monday the 9th, 10am-12pm at The Garden Shed Cafe. 

Now lets jump in:

This week is brought to you by 'sewing on the loo', something everyone should try (even if its just once). Apparently it saves you lots of time! And, 'The Swivel Chair', a new way to present WITB goodies!

This picture is blurry because it is a screen-grab of the swivel chair in action hehehe

Tonight, Nicole was sporting her beautiful 'Nicole' Lola which was turned into the This is Me Shawl. The pattern is available here

Yarnish turned 3! 

Nicole thanked everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes! Yarnish is now a 'three-nager'! - thank you Jessica de Verinne for this pun! hehehe

BotaniCAL updates...

Part one is out now! It features the center bloom and the pattern is absolutely stunning (the pattern itself is also stunning - thanks to Shelby and her formatting skills!)

Nicole mentioned that her square is a bit bigger than the pattern measurements. She then quoted our lovely Emma who said 'I love to crochet, but do not make me do a gauge swatch. I do not want to have to do that extra bit of crochet!' Preach sister!!! 

Some kits are in stock. Today the yarn came in for the final kits. Whoever placed an order should receive their kits soon. We have in stock: one dahlia, four grandma's garden and four hydrangea. If you want to join in, then you can still purchase here. Some will also be available in Tamworth if we have not sold out already. 

Stay tuned for Week 2 this coming Sunday.

Yarnish Makes!

This week there were soooo many stunning customer creations brought into Yarnish HQ for 'show and tell':

Therese dropped in for an extra ball of Cicibebe Cupcake ($6.50) to finish off her breathtaking Wisteria Fischer Blanket. The colour looks so vibrant! 

Sarah brought in her drop dead gorgeous Liula (lie yoola) Shawl made from Painted Lace - Gold Coast ($33) Who knew there were so many sneaky colours hiding in there? 2 left, plus 1 Mayflower Bay 

Louise made a sensational triangle scarf using Lola Cheeky Fruits - perfect use of 200g bobbels. Shelby has plans to make one out of this stunner! Our Yarnish & Co Lola’s ($38 & $40 for sparkles) are also the perfect length! Don't forget, we can special order Lolas too! Send Nicole a message or email. 

Margaret crocheted up the sweetest two piece baby set in Cicibebe Sprinkles ($5.50)

Shelby’s Humphrey the Elephant - organicon ($6.50) - vegan & organic. Shelby described this yarn as 'softer than puppy ears'! More stock will be coming in next week. 

Keep your eye on Instagram to see your make pop up!

Yarnish Makes <3

Kandy, Ruby and Coco came to visit Yarnish HQ. Sadly, Coco had a little incident with Mojo the dog, but after an intense time in teddy surgery he is looking much better! 

These adorable teddies are made from Bernard the Bear by Katt Wade. 

Yarn Glorious Yarn

Patons Songbird - $11.50. 8ply 50g 160m, mohair and acrylic blend. Made in Italy and it is ‘molto bella’ ... Angoraphobia! Check out the live stream for the most hilarious 'whoopsie accident' story ever! I wont steal Nicole's thunder here!

KFI Luxury Collection - Indulgence Sport - $24.00 luxurious hand painted yarn. 100% superwash wool, 100g, 312m. Weight 2 yarn. This was a special order for yours truly! I am making Jesse Van's incredible Apollo Octopus!  

Queensland Collection Cassowary - $14.00. 70% wool, 30% nylon, 100g, 347m. Three gorgeous colourways!

Knitting Fever Painted Desert - $15.00. Beautiful dual-tone, 100% wool, super soft! These pass the face-test! 4ply, 100g, 400m. 

Panda Crypto - $9.50 (Pink Bluebird is on back-order), Nicole loves this yarn and is currently working on a beautiful project featuring this gorgeous ball. 

Scheepjes Secret Garden - $7.00. Amazingly beautiful! Silk blend, silk, cotton and polyester. Really natural looking. Its just beautiful and so tactile! 50g, 93m. Comes in both variegated and plain. 

Also in stock...!

Nicole showed us the Susan Bates Bamboo Hooks. These are Shelby's secret weapon for creating tight crochet stitches - perfect for amigurumi! These hooks feature a hook which is the same size as the shaft, which prevents holes when working. 

Pins, pins and more pins! 

Beautiful pins for shawls. Different shapes, sizes and levels of bling in stock!

Let's hold Nicole to her word!

Nicole mentioned she is planning to film some 'confessions' videos.... confessions of the dreaded wips hehehe  

Now for the unfortunate news...

Nicole has realised that she is not a robot....

She has cancelled going to Fibre Fest this year - she is soooo sorry! There is just too much to do...

And that's it! It was another massive night! Tonight, I'll be dreaming of 'succulent salmon with steamed vegetables'. And no, I cannot say it 5 times aloud! hehehe

Happy Yarning! 




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