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Before I formally begin this week's WITB blog post, I must pay tribute to Kerri Nosworthy and her ah-ma-zing 'pre-show' comedy posts! Every week, Kerri posts the most hilarious little updates prior to our live stream. They are always funny, Kerri is a comedic genius! This week Kerri posted: 

Record breaking flooding in Mulgoa today threatens Yarnish HQ!! Helicopters will be dispatched (if Nicole and Shelby can’t jump puddles) to air lift them to safety. Like the Star Track man - they will deliver in rain, sleet and snow. Risking life and limb (wet hair and shoes) they’ll brave a surging wall of water (puddle in the driveway) to ensure we get our yarn porn fix. There is no need for panic, our intrepid adventurers will be here soon (ish) for WITB."

Thank you so much Kerri for your fabulous contributions to our weekly WITB yarn fun! 

And let's begin...

Another week down! If 2019 was a Firebird, we would be flying down the highway!!! 

At Yarnish, we are still recovering from the madness that was CraftAlive Tamworth (in the most loving way possible!) - we still are in awe at how amazing and supportive our Tamworthian friends are! 

So this week, we are 'all about' relaxation, destressing and trying to focus on the simple things. And if that means heading to the nail parlor for a deluxe mani/pedi, then, by golly, we are already there with our feet soaking in the bath salts! 

This weekend, Nicole and Shelby took a much-needed break. They had their nails manicured and spent most of the weekend working on a few personal projects (which we will get to later on!). I think you would agree with me when I say: Nicole and Shelby work ridiculously hard, so it was soooo wonderful to see them take a moment and come down from the chaos. 

We were also super lucky to have an impromptu live stream from Nicole, 'Crocheting with Nicole'! Perhaps a new weekly video? We will have to wait and see!


Rest time cannot last too much longer as we need to start preparing for our next show! Keep reading for more details! 

BotaniCAL Week 3
We are love seeing everyone’s gorgeous creations! Keep up the good work ;)

Take a look at this incredible effort! 

Angela Machut-Brewster‎ - hydrangea colourway

Simply magnificent! 


In less than 1 week, purple month will be finished and pink month will begin! 

Purple month will finish on Sunday the 22nd of September. Our final colour - PINK - will begin on Monday 23rd. We will draw the ‘winner’ of $20 store credit next Tuesday and announce on WITB which falls on Nicole's birthday!!!

One more quick word!

Don't forget that I also link all the products mentioned in my blog posts. They are clickable links I have embedded into the blue words and product names or into the word 'here'. When in doubt, hover your mouse cursor over a word and it will turn into a little hand if it's a clickable link! 

Let's jump in! 

This week is brought to you by 'hope'. We hope this dynamic duo will continue to grace us with this amazing 'mother/daughter' team! We love WITB with both Nicole and Shelby and we hope Shelby sticks around! 

This week is also brought to you by 'patience'. Nicole and Shelby learned a valuable lesson via 'karma' and 'technology'. Sadly, our comments were playing up as Facebook was being mean. This meant that Nicole and Shelby were not able to see or interact with their audience. Later during the show, they had a little chuckle as only moments prior to going live, they joked about how people would often 'jump in' and ask too many questions before waiting for Nicole to read through her script. Shelby decided to pop up a little sign to help their eager audience to remember 'patience is a virtue'. This bit them in the bottom as that meant that no questions were asked due to failing technology! That'll teach you, ladies!!! 

First things first, Quiltopia <3

It has been a busy couple of weeks getting sorted after Craft Alive Tamworth - and we are about to start prepping for the next show! In just over 2 weeks we will be at the first-ever Quiltopia, to be held at Rosehill Events Centre.

You can grab your tickets online - via the 'What’s On' calendar on the Yarnish website. There is a special ‘invitation only’ Opening Night Cocktail Party! Drop Nicole a message if you would like to attend ... wink wink ... she may just have a few tickets spare!

Now in stock!

We have some Scheepjes After Party Kits online now: 

Rhythm Layered Shawl - $42, made with Alpaca and Mohair rhythm. Contains four balls of yarn required to make this AfterParty pattern. This is a knitted pattern. 

Mossy Cabled Scarf - $35, beautiful blue, and deep pink and yellow colourway, this pack includes 5 balls of Secret Garden. This is also a knitting pattern. 

New segment! Shelby’s Show & Tell

Shelby is starting up a new segment during the WITB live stream: Shelby's show and tell! 

Her first 'show' was her amazing scrappy blanket:

She used a mix of leftover yarn to create this glorious project, including papatya, cicibebeand lots of yarn from her (and her mother's) stash!

Shelby also showed us her beautiful Moe of Change Blanket. She started the centre of the blanket a long while ago and only just found the inspiration to finish it over the weekend. And we are so glad she did! This is simply beautiful! 

Shelby used the Papatya Merida Cake and you can find the pattern here

Finally, Shelby showed off her amazing Art Bin. This was a special order for Shelby but if you are interested in one, email Nicole!

Counting with Nicole; more on the BotaniCAL: 

Nicole made mention that there has been some concern about the stitch count of all the blocks. Some are worried that their blocks won't all fit together. 

Nicole demonstrated how all the blocks will come together by counting her stiches. She showed that all the stitches will match up and come together like a puzzle. 

New @ Yarnish! 

Noro Geshi - $49 (Viscose / Cotton / Silk / Wool | 200g(600m) | Worsted)

Noro Silk Garden $15 (Silk / Mohair / Wool | 50g(100m) | Worsted)

Noro Silk Garden Sock - $24 (Viscose / Cotton / Silk / Wool | 200g(600m) | Worsted)

A word about this yarn! Due to its handmade qualities and the way it has been wound, each ball from the same colorway can look completely different. Don't worry! It's supposed to be like this! 

Using her beautiful Geshi Noro, Nicole made the beautiful Fronds Shawl by Joanne Scrace. Nicole whipped this up so quickly! You can purchase the pattern here for £4.00

I'll be posting up special blog post tomorrow featuring this beautiful yarn so stay tuned!

Shawl of Secrets After Party Pattern - $2.50, this would work up beautifully with the Geshi! This is a knitting pattern.

Also new @ Yarnish

Juniper Moon Farm Áine (pronounced Awn-Yah) - $28, (100% Mulberry Silk | 50g(300m) | Lace)

Don't they just look like perfect little silkworms? (✿ ♥‿♥)

Papatya Cakes (Premium Acrylic | 150g(540m) | DK/8ply)

Check out my blogs post about this amazing yarn range here!

A lot of the Paptaya cakes have very gentle colour changes. The projects below have all been worked straight from the cake, no fastening off and colour changes necessary. This yarn is super soft and so beautiful to work with. 

Papatya Cake $9.50 - Frank O’Randle | Mini Moods of Change | FREE Pattern!

Papatya Cake Silver $10.50 - Frank O’Randle | Moe of Change | FREE Pattern!

Papatya Cake Wool $11.50 - Lorna Miser | Cabin in the Woods Afghan | FREE Pattern!

And thats it!

I think Nicole and Shelby did a fabulous job in tonight's WITB live stream, despite all the technical difficulties! 

I hope you enjoyed this weekly blog post catch up! 

Happy yarning <3



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