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Welcome back to another Tuesday live-stream, full of yarn goodness! With Nicole back on dry-land, Yarnish HQ is in full swing preparing for Christmas. There is so much happening right now. We cannot wait for December 1st - can you guess why ;) - and it is almost here! 
So let's just jump straight in and catch-up on all the latest from tonight's episode of...
Tonight's episode of WITB is brought to you by, the green-eyed monster! There were a few jealous folks in our chat tonight, keep reading to find out why! 
Yarnish Wears 
Tonight Nicole and Shelby were wearing their beautiful sleigh-bells! Tonight's stream they literally spent the first few minutes shaking their heads. Nope, Yarnish HQ isn't full of crazy Christmas-loving Yarnies, no-siree! ≧◡≦
Also, I'm just going to go ahead and say this... Between the two of them, Nicole and Shelby were covering all Christmas 'weathers'. Shelby was in the Northern Hemisphere and Nicole was in the South. But there was a good reason for this! 
Shelby was preparing.....
So.... here's a little insight into the 'Yarnish Way'...
Nicole and Shelby let us know about their impulsive tendencies. When they want to do something, they grab life by the horns and seize every opportunity! Including jumping on a plane and traveling to Sweden! O(≧▽≦)O
This is totally happening for real! They are heading to Sweden for a White Christmas! Also, they are heading to The Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey! 
Ok, who is super jealous????? 
In other 'Yarnish Wears' news, Nicole wanted the world to know that she stole her husband's Christmas socks! To be honest, they are very cute and perfect for the festive season. 
Now, let's get to business! 
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!
Nicole and Shelby are so excited to announce that our 12 Days of Christmas-CAL kits will be posted out tomorrow *does happy dance* 
Shelby has been super busy packing all the gorgeous kits. They are so beautifully packed. She has even made the tags! 
Here is Rustic:
And Frosted: 
And Merry: 
All you lovely Yarnies who bought these kits are in for a treat! 
Here's what's included: 
The Christmas-CAL Ebook (which will be available on the 1st), a cute little bag to keep your WIPS during the CAL, Scheepjes Catona yarn for all 12 projects - this amounts to 8x50g balls - a 10g ball of flesh tone, a silver hoop, some snow in a bag (little weighted pellets), stitch markers, safety eyes and, of course, some little Christmas lollies!
This is everything you need for a perfect Christmas-CAL <3 
Again, kits will begin to ship tomorrow. Nicole and Shelby will try their absolute best to make sure the orders arrive on time. But those who ordered first, as well as those who live the furthest away, will be prioritized for shipping. 
Just to recap what the CAL involves: 
Every day for the first 12 days of December, we will be releasing one pattern for you to make. 
The patterns will also be available to buy as an ebook for $15. Stay tuned for more details on this. 
Yarnish Makes
We are so excited to share the latest pattern from Melody Tallon! 
The Jazzy Clutch Purse!
It's the perfect little clutch, which you can use to store your hooks or other sewing bits and bobs. There are a whopping five colourways in total! All colourways feature 'jazzy-names': Jazz (the original colourway), The Blues (blue/purple), Boogie (moody greys), Bop (spicy pinks) and Jive (warm 'Shelby' tones).  
Each kit includes the downloadable PDF pattern, three balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8, three buttons aaaaand a BONUS PATTERN: 
The matching phone case, which is super cute! 
Kits are $22 and will be available this coming Friday. 
Also in Yarnish Makes news, the Fruit Cup Fade Squared, Part 2, is coming soon. Watch this blog!! 
The Fruit Cup Fade is a 'square' version of the very popular Fruit Cup Fade. Part 1 is up on the blog already, click here
Just like the original Fruit Cup Fade, this pattern will be free on the blog. However, the PDF print-friendly version will be available to purchase soon. 
Kits are still available here. Grab one while you can! There are only a handful of the 'Ombre' Colourways left...
Still Sale-ing! 
Sooooo... this week we don't have any new stock due to Nicole being away on a Cruise.
But we are currently on sale which totally makes up for it! 
There isn't much left so jump on it if you want it! 
Sale - 20% off Red Heart & Lion Brand, plus Sock Yarns
Red Heart
We are clearing these out!! So grab them now! 
*Quick interjection* Shelby has been working on a stunning new design using the Caron x Pantone. She has called out for testers and is super flattered so many of you want to help her out :) 
Lion Brand
Shawl in a Ball - $11.60 
Crayola Cake Yarns $7.60
Crayola Off the Hook - $8.00, Nicole and Shelby have been having fun with this! Look at what they have made. This whips up so quickly. They started this during Friday's Open Day. All you do it grab a loop and feed it through the one underneath, which simulates a knitted stitch. Super kid-friendly, and super 'adult-I-need-to-relax' friendly! 

Hand Dyed Heaven - $9.20, perfect for Hubble the Squid by Projectarian Just one skein will do it! 
Mandala Sparkle - $10.00
Thick & Quick - $15
Sock Yarns
Araucania Huasco Colour - $19.00, beautiful handpainted yarn. Super luxurious and gorgeous to work with! 
Lang Jawoll Twin - $9.50, there are only three balls left. So if you wanted taller socks or make something other than socks (like colourful amigurumi!) then grab them while we have them! 
Noro Silk Garden Sock - $19.00, this is beautifully worked up! So many lovely scarfs popping up and they have used this yarn. Check out Shelby's pictures on Instagram. 
Qld Collection Cassowary - $11.00
Scheepjes Metropolis - $9.00, there is a super cute sock pattern by Scheepjes After Party which uses three balls. If you buy three balls of this yarn, you will get a free sock pattern, but only while stocks last! 

Just a quick little shop update: 
Some of the Scheepjes Yarn will be phased out to make room for some new and exciting stuff. Watch this space... 
Help the Bush Babies
We are inspired to help the bush babies. There have been fires everywhere. Nicole said that she has made pouches in the past, but with the recent fires, it would be amazing to help all the poor animals who have been injured or orphaned. So if you would like to knit or crochet for the bush babies, we are offering 20% off Painted Sky, Painted Desert & Nundle Wool - enter code AUSSIE at checkout. 
The reason we need to use wool is that it must be breathable for when the little ones nestle down inside. 
Don't forget too, Nundle is a local business too! By helping the bush babies, and using Nundle Wool, you're helping two Aussie treasures! 
Shelby made a lovely pouch using the Nundle Yarn, and Nicole made a sweet little nest: 

Follow these links for where to send your completed pouches and nests: 

Orphaned Possum & Smaller Wildlife Pouches www.wires.org.au/wildlife-info/wildlife-factsheets/making-possum-pouches

Orphaned Joey Pouches

Crochet & Knitted Nests

And that's it for tonight! 

Happy Yarning,

Renee xxx


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