Hello Yarnies <3 

Round two: Nicole was away for her second WITB Live-Stream, leaving Miss Shelby to hold down the fort on her own...again! Did she exceed last weeks 'one-woman-Shel-show' mega-success?




Of course, she did! Who are we kidding?  (*^θ^)

Let's relive the memories on tonight's catch-up of What's in the box'! 


First things first:

I MUST quote Kerri's latest 'pre-WITB' support act. Kerri is a beautiful member of our Yarnish Community. Each week she brings us so much joy with her brilliant funnies! This was today's post: 

 "And they’re off in the 2019 cup,
Papatya takes an early lead
New Bobbel Boxxes on the inside,
Chunky Monkey is carrying too much weight and starts to drop back
The elusive Blackberry Mint Chip is nowhere to be seen
Race favourite, Nicole, did a fetlock and was a late scratching
Stablemate Shelby, promoted to the big dance
is proving to be a worthy replacement.
Mumma Don’t Leave is boxed in
No Electricity or coffee is causing problems in the middle of the field
Stick to the script is starting to drop off the pace
Don’t mention Rozeta has found her second wind
but is untried at this distance
Rounding the final turn and L-O-L-A Lola is pushing up on the outside
Cicibebe is gaining
New hooks and needles moves up to Lola’s shoulder
Outside roughie Noro is showing her colours
50 to go and it looks like a tight finish
Melbourne loves a public Holiday pulls ahead
On the outside, out of nowhere here comes MOON BOOT!
Crossing the line in a photo finish …. Moon Boot loses by a hoof
What’s in The Box… WITB wins the 2019 Yarnish Cup!" 
Thank you so much Kerri, for another showstopping post <3

If you didn't see Kerri's video from last week, click here for screengrabs.

Ok let's jump in <3

Shelby turns one! 

Shelby shared that she has been working with Yarnish for over a year now. Congratulations Shelby on reaching an amazing milestone :) 

Mrs Yarnish returns...soon! 

Nicole is due to return this Saturday! Yayyyyyy! 

And don't forget our 'Sale Away' Papatya and Cicibebe sale continues until Mrs Yarnish steps off her ship!  

Spring-time Shrug Challenge 

Since we finished our Rainbow Challenge, we have been feeling a bit empty. So, we think there is only one way to help us feel 'less empty'....and that's startup another challenge! 

Our Spring-time Shrug pattern has been out for a few weeks now, and we have started to see many beautiful makes start to pop up over our Community Group. So that got us thinking... we want to see your shrugs! 

We want you to post your finished shrug, using whatever Yarnish yarn you like. Posting your finished shrug under our 'soon-to-be-established' announcement board counts as an entry into our draw. There will be a prize to be won!

More details to come in my upcoming blog post. Stay tuned! 


New Lolas are now in stock! Shelby and Nicole ordered so many beautiful colourways. They have made up 2 new ranges: Pirouettes & Pas de Deux. They are $45 ea, 250g - 937.5m:

Pirouette /ˌpɪrʊˈɛt/ (n)

(French) "to whirl about".

(Ballet) an act of spinning on one foot, typically with the raised foot touching the knee of the supporting leg. The names of the Pirouette Lolas are from famous/popular ballets: 

Swan Lake - Moody star light blues, transitioning to a still grey and then feathery cream. 

Le Papillion - Purples, oranges, limes and muted blues. 

The Nutcracker - neutral linen, buttery yellow, orange/red, and deep muted tonal center. 

Cinderella - Deep and frosted blues, muted purples and frosted 

Romeo and Juliet - The perfect love story between purple and blue! 

Titania - rich greens and icy greys.

The Enchanted Forest - Forest greens and rich purples and blues. 

Giselle - Deep teals, pinks, purples and yellows. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream - For the blue-lovers. Inspired by Nicole's Diamond Scarf. Deep rich blue, ultramarine blue and icy blue (only four colours).  

Pas de Deux

In ballet, a pas de deux [pɑ d(ə) dø] is a dance performed by people. This range of Lolas features 3 shades of grey, accompanied by a gradient of another colour.

These Lolas have been named after the French word for each colour. They contain the 'harmony' between grey and its partner-color, hence the name 'Pas de Deux'. You can view the range here

Speaking of Lolas, Shelby finally finished her Shelby Lola - she totally won at Yarn Chicken! She finished her final bpdc row and had a few inches left!

Using her Shelby Lola, she created the beautiful 'Choose your Path-popcorn', pattern by the amazing Tegan. To give her shawl a lovely border, she special ordered a single colour Lola. If you're wanting to 'special order' your own Lola creation, send Nicole an email at nicole@yarnish.com.au <3

Shelby is going to have HEAPS left over, so if someone else is using a Shelby Lola and needs a bit more, we can work something out. 

New Yarnish Makes coming soon! 

Shelby's Granny shawl pattern available soon - it will be free on this blog! The original patterns uses a 200g Lola, but it can be made as big as you like. Shelby wrote this pattern and it is beautiful! Stay tuned! 

Q and A's 

Shelby finished her check-list in record time and began taking questions. Here's what you asked and here's how she responded: 

- Jan asked what the blanket was hanging on the ladder. It was the Frank O'Randle Moe of Change, pattern here

- Tegan mentioned that Shelby should tackle a 'giant project' which got Shelby chatting about the Phoenix pattern by Hooked on Sunshine (available here). Shelby suggested you could order a giant Lola. That was actually the plan for Nicole's giant Ornamental Fish Lola... but time, hey...

- Vicki asked 'How's Mum?' Shelby responded 'mum is good'. We tried to get her to join tonight's stream but her internet was too poor :( But then.... She popped up in the comments for a quick chit-chat!

- Kellie asked when we will be receiving more Papatya stock? Shelby told us that these arrive by shipping container and usually take a long while to arrive. We are hoping to place an order after Christmas... maybe...

Shelby then decided that she would 'take the win' and clock off at a decent time. So that's it!

Happy Yarning! 




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