Hello Yarnies <3

Well it's official! News of the amazing WITB has spread cross-species! 

Six curious cows came strolling into Yarnish HQ grounds this afternoon, no doubt in search of some yarn. Why else would they come? 

Little birdies also found their home at yarn central! I seriously cannot stand how sweet they are! (^▽^)

And what do you do when the animals march in?

Panic? Never!

Alert the authorities? Hmmm...maybe later...

Go live? Absolutely!

In case you missed the adorable little segment by Mrs Yarnish and The Clumsy Craft Lady, Shelby. Make sure you check it out on the Yarnish Community Facebook Group. It certainly made me smile... and, of course, yell and point at the phone 'coooowwss'!  ヽ(^◇^*)/

Now we better get into it! Quickly, before the animals snap up everything!!

Tonight's episode is brought to you by Old MacDonald. Where are you, Sir? You have lost a few animals! 

Holy Cow - it’s been a crazy day today!

First, Mrs Yarnish accidentally took the wrong medication this morning (I believe it was a sleeping tablet...whoops!)

Adorable new residents decided to call Yarnish HQ home, including little chirpy birds! And if you caught my designer spotlight post last week on the BotaniCAL you would have seen that I predicted this would happen hehe ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)

Yarnish News
BotaniCAL is arriving and is being shipped!! 
Hydrangea is the first to meet the postie, and the other three colourways are still being packed. 
Nicole is busy working on her gorgeous crocheted garden having completed two more panels. 
Kits are still online and pre-orders are still open - $91 (13 balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter). 
For the pattern only - $10.
The pattern is a CAL (or 'crochet-along'), which means that it will be realesed weekly starting September 1st (which so happens to be our third birthday!).
School is now in session this Saturday at Yarnish HQ. 
From 10am-2pm learn how to make the adorable Lambie and Llambie loveys with Emma Wilkinson.
The class is $80.  

Lambie and Llambie are now available as a kit for $32 or PDF only $5.50
Yarnish Events
CraftAlive Tamworth is fast-approaching - 6th, 7th and 8th of September (the perfect Father's Day outing, right???? hehe)
Shelby will be teaching weaving twice daily! 
If you would like to order and pickup at the show let us know by emailing or sending a message via facebook.

Yarnish Tamworth Afterparty @ The Garden Shed Cafe (there is an event for it in Yarnish Community) - 10am-12pm for Brunch
Yarnish Rainbow Challenge
Blue Month has most definitely taken off! - there are sooo many amazing photos of awesome projects being posted. If you haven't entered, you better get moving! Blue Month ends this Sunday 25th August. Purple period runs from 26/8 until 22/9 (which is two days before Mrs Yarnish's birthday!)
Some early ideas for purple yarns
Cicibebe Sprinkles $5.50 - 100% acrylic, 100g balls, and 350m. The yarn featured in the Fruit Cup Fade blanket! A note about colours currently sold out: Some of the colours in this line, and the Papatya Batik, may take a while before it is restocked due to it arriving via shipping container. 
Papatya Batik  554-08 $5.50 -100% acrylic, 100g balls, and 350m. 
Papatya Batik Silver 555-08 $5.50 - silver sparkles!
Papatya Silver Cake - 303 Aurora $10.50 - silver sparkles with a loooooong colour change (i.e. they only change colours one, as opposed to the balls which have many colour changes)
Milano Cotton Sport  Lilac $5.00 - !005 cotton, 100g and 187m. Perfect to create the Doily Festival Bags 
Panda Soft Cotton Chunky $7.00 - Mrs Yarnish used this yarn to create The After Party Woodland Friends Bunny by @miss__neriss. You can see a picture of her here
Scheepjes Sunkissed - 10 Lavender Ice, 21 Ultra Violet $5.50 - 50g, 170m. Thin 4ply, thinner than Catona, not mercerised. 
Scheepjes Whirl - Shrinking Violet $33.00 - totally versatile, you can use it to create blankets, shawls, or scarves, shirts and so much more! Super popular! 
Ella Rae Sun Kissed - 03 Grape Sundae $11.50 (special price!)
Knitting Fever - Painted Desert & Painted Sky $15.00 - 100% wool, superfine, 100g, 400m. 
Scheepjes Our Tribe - Lilla 2 $13.50 - Weight 1, 120g, 120m. Soft blend, merino superwash. 
Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine - Groovy Grape $24.00 - Weight 4, 40% alpaca, 40% wool, 20% silk. Passes the face test!
Weaving Kit - Nebula $45 - when you purchase the kit, you receive the yarn and the recipe. You will also receive a guide which includes tutorials on how to complete stitches. 
What's new @ Yarnish

Garn Manufaktur Lola’s - going going gone! These were snapped up pretty quickly!

Cotton/Acrylic 300g/1125m - Trio Cream (2), Ice Peach (2), Darkness (1) - $44
Cotton/Acrylic 300g/1125m - Allium (3) - $55

Choose Your Path Shawl PDF Pattern $8
Creme de la Creme - 4 pack colour selections - $20
great for face washers, scrubbies, amigurumi, bags!

Starburst, Lime Splice, Fantail, Strawberry Blossom, Cruisin’
and on that note - Mrs Yarnish will be cruisin' in October!
Did you catch Shelby's most recent make? 
Yarn: Sirdar Supersoft Aran Rainbowdrops - 0852
Pattern: Bubblegum Pop Beanie by Crazy4CrochetMomma
Adorable: Heck yes! 
That's it from me! 
Happy yarning :) 




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